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Popcorn Tin Oven


Wow! This idea was recently one of my Cool Guiding Tips! Thanks very much to Mary Harrison and Cheryl Hamm, for posting their designs for the popcorn tin oven on the WAGGGS-L Mailing List!Mary learned about these ovens at a training given by the Colonial Coast Girl Scout Council, VA.


Instructions: Take one of those 3 pound popcorn cans (the type you get at Christmas time) and punch a half dozen holes in the bottom for a vent (keep them close together - maybe in a 2 inch diameter circle). Turn it on its side, seam side up. Find the horizontal diameter and measure down about two inches. Poke four holes along the length across from each other, and make a rack using clothes hanger wire. Attach a screen door handle to the top and to the lid of can. Hang an oven thermometer inside, and you have a *great* oven.


It is MUCH better than a box oven because it is sturdier and non flammable, yet still recycles. It doesn't roll because you lay the charcoal on either side of it. You could also store cooking utensils in it when not in use.


There are a few things to consider when using this method:


1.      Steady the can with rocks or dirt, not wood (it can get hot enough to singe the wood)

2.      This method does not work well in the winter. There is not enough insulation in the metal.

3.      Be sure to file down the metal where you poked the holes (even if they are inside the can).

4.      The can does get HOT, watch out for little ones.

5.      Put the briquettes in a Jiffy-pop foil plate for cooking, it lets you easily pull it out to add more.


Shortbread Cookie

Tin Ovens


Thanks very much to Judi Wheatley, who e-mailed me this great idea!


You can use a shortbread cookie tin for small ovens at camp. Get a cake cooling rack that fits inside. Put rack inside - and place food items on the rack, for example, mini pizzas. Cover the cookie tin and place over a heat source to bake the food inside. You could also make a bag for it and attach to your backpack, and use it over and over again! This oven is good for making cupcakes, mini pies, and other small items.



Shortbread Cookie Tin Grill


Shortbread cookie tins arenít just good for making backpacking ovens.They can also be used to make backpacking grills or individual grills for the girls in your troop.


Take an empty cookie tin, punch holes around the bottom, like you would do for a hobo/vagabond stove. Get either a grate to fit, or you can use screen or hardware cloth to make a grate to go on top.Use briquettes in your shortbread cookie tin grill.You can carry your briquettes in a small paper sack, and place it in the grill, then put the lid on the grill.Slip it in your backpack, and off you go!


Tin Can Stove

You need two different sized cans. For example, a one pound (450 mg) coffee can and a three pound can. And you need a lid for each of them - but not plastic ones! If you keep the metal lid from the cans that is fine. If not, tin foil works as well!


Layer the bottom of the larger can with gravel. Wash out your small can well, because this holds your food. Add the food, cover it and put it in the large can. Carefully, pour gravel in between the small can and the large can, so that the small can is not touching the large can anywhere and there is a layer of gravel between the two surfaces. The gravel does not have to completely fill the large can, but about 2/3's of the way up the side of the small can.


You may now put the tin can oven DIRECTLY in the fire. Embers are nice, but not necessary. This was reasonably fast, for camp food, if you get my drift.