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 ONE POT MEALS                                                                                                   CAMPFIRE STEW


VEGETARIAN CHILI                                                                                                            1 ½ lb. hamburger                 1 c. water

Ingredients:                                                                                                                1 can vegetable soup OR    1 pkg. dry vegetable soup mix

2 t. oil                                      1 green pepper, diced                                                          2 c. noodles, opt. (if used, need 2 c. water to cook noodles)

1 clove garlic, opt.                 1 red pepper, diced                                                                                          

½ t. chili powder                    1 onion, sliced                                                                       Brown hamburger, drain. (Can be done at home.)

2 cans kidney beans             1 can corn, drained                                                   Add soup and water. Cook until heated through. Add noodles.

1 can stewed tomatoes                    3 carrots peeled and sliced                                                 (Noodles need to be cooked separately.)

2 stalks celery, sliced                       1 can green beans, drained                                     Serve with bread.


Rinse and drain kidney beans.                                                                                            Variation:

Heat oil, add garlic, peppers, onions, celery and corn - saute’                                        Add 2 - 3 cans of vegetables - drain all but one can and omit

            until soft. Add spice. Add tomatoes, carrots and beans.                                      water.

            Heat until bubbling. Simmer 45 min. Stir as needed.

Serve with bread to = complete protein.

                                                                                                                                    HEAVENLY HASH


                                                                                                                                    2 c. rice                      1 pkg. onion soup mix

CHUCKWAGON STEW                                                                                          4 c. water                   1 can corn, drained

Ingredients:                                                                                                                1 can Spam, diced

2 ½ lbs. beef, cubed             3 T. oil

2 cans tomatoes                   ½ t. dried red pepper                                                            Put water, rice and soup mix in a pot. Bring to a boil. Cover

3 T. chili powder                    1 T. cinnamon                                                                                    and simmer 15 min.

1 t. cloves                               2 cloves garlic, minced                                                         Add Spam and corn.

3 onions, sliced                                 2 potatoes, chopped                                                            A great way to use up leftovers.

2 c. carrots, chopped                        or canned veggies of choice                                  

Mix together and coat beef cubes:

2 t. salt                                                1 t. chili powder

2 T. flour                                 1 T. paprika                                                               TACO SALAD


Heat oil, brown beef cubes coated with seasoning mixture.                                            1 ½ lbs. hamburger               1 pkg. taco mix

Add onions and garlic, cook until soft.                                                                                1 c. water                               3 - 4 small tomatoes, diced

Add seasonings and tomatoes. Cover and simmer ~ 2 hrs.                                           1 c. shredded cheese                        ½ head lettuce, shredded

Add potatoes and carrots and cook until done ~ 45 min.                                     corn chips

If canned veggies are used, cook ~ 20 min. before serving.                              

This can also be done in a Dutch Oven.                                                                 Brown hamburger and drain.

                                                                                                                                    Add water cheese and taco mix. Cook until water boils off.



                                                                                                                                    Serve with lettuce and tomatoes. Use corn chips for spoons.

CORN CASSEROLE                                                                                                           BREAKFAST BAGGIE
Ingredients:                                                                                                                Ingredients:

1 can corn, undrained                      4 eggs                                                                                    2 eggs, beaten                        bacon, fried and cut into pieces

1 can creamed corn              ¾ c. oil                                                                                    1 T. onion, chopped              ham also works well

1 c. shredded cheddar cheese                                                                                           2 T. grated cheese    2 T. green pepper

1 box Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix                                                                                       any other ingredients or leftovers you desire


Add ingredients one at a time to Dutch Oven (line with foil)                                             Place all ingredients in boilable Ziplock baggie and freeze.

            or casserole. Mix well after each addition.                                                                         (It looks disgusting when frozen!)

Bake at 350 for 1 hour.                                                                                                         To cook, drop into boiling water. Every minute or two

                                                                                                                                                squeeze the contents so it cooks evenly.

                                                                                                                                    If the meat is precooked (or use Bacon Bits) this can be made

                                                                                                                                                fresh at camp. Can be done on a Buddy Burner.



6 potatoes, cooked and chopped               1 t. salt                                                            FRENCH TOAST

1 c. onions, chopped                                                ¼ t. pepper                                        Ingredients:               

3 T. fresh parsley, chopped                         2/3 c. vinegar                                     3 eggs                                    ½ c. pancake mix

1/3 c. water                                                    1 ½ t. sugar                                        1 c. milk                      1 T. sugar

½ lb. bacon, cooked crisp                                                                                        3 T. oleo                     2 - 3 slices of bread per person


Cook potatoes in 2 qts. water. Takes ~ 25 - 30 min.                                                        Mix eggs and milk.

            Cut into ¼” pieces. (Peel or not as you prefer.)                                                     Add sugar and pancake mix.

Saute’ onions, add 1/3 c. water, vinegar and sugar, heat through.                                 Melt oleo in pan.

            Pour over potatoes.                                                                                      Dip bread in batter and fry until brown on both sides.

Add parsley and bacon. Toss well.                                                                        

Looks pretty if red potatoes are used and not peeled.                                                     Can be served with honey, syrup, jam or cinnamon and














POUCH DINNER                                                                                                      SILVER TURTLES
Ingredients per person:                                                                                            Place ingredients in center of 2 pieces of foil.

4 oz. hamburger                                                                                                        Roll both long edges of foil together. Roll to within 2” of food.

1 egg                                                                                                                          Roll each short end toward food. Roll to within 2” of food.

1 T. minced onion                                                                                                     Spiral twist each of the 4 corners for ~ 1”. These are the legs.

1 carrot, peeled and chopped                                                                                                         When ready to cook, point the legs down so the turtle

1 small potato, peeled and chopped                                                                                              can stand on his legs. This cooks faster and more Other veggies as desired:                                                                                                      evenly. Turn halfway through cooking time.

            green beans              mushrooms                                                                Remember to keep the turtles back arched (this helps steam

            corn                             hominy                                                                                                the food so it gets done faster).

            peas                                                                                                               Rolls should be on top.                                            

Seasonings: salt, pepper, herbs of choice


Mix all ingredients (like a meat loaf) or omit the egg and                                                                                    

            make a hamburger patty surrounded by veggies.                                     BASIC COOKING TIMES

Wrap in double layer of foil.                                                                                     Burger: 8 - 12 min.                Carrots, sliced: 15 - 20 min.

Cook in hot embers ~ 20 minutes.                                                                          Chicken: 20 - 30 min.                       Potatoes, sliced: 10 - 15 min.

OPEN WITH CARE!                                                                                                 Hot dogs: 5 - 10 min.                        Canned veggies: 5 min.

                                                                                                                                    Kielbasa: 10 - 15 min.                      Whole apples: 20 - 30 min.



POUCH DINNER #2                                                                                    


precooked chicken                                                                                                   TRADITIONAL TURTLE

boiled potatoes                                                                                                                     Layer slices of potatoes, carrots, onion on foil.

veggies of choice                                                                                                      Add hamburger patty.

1 t. butter                                                                                                                    Repeat vegetable layer.

                                                                                                                                    Season with salt, pepper and butter.

Make ahead of time, wrap in foil and freeze.                                                                     Wrap in foil.

Cook in hot embers - just needs heating since everything                                               Cook 20 - 30 minutes over hot coals.

            is precooked.                                                                                                            Turn twice.

This is also a space saver since it helps keep other food cold.



                                                                                                                                    BREAKFAST TURTLE

                                                                                                                                    Place sliced potatoes, sausage, raw egg in foil.

                                                                                                                                    Seal and cook ~ 10 - 15 min.






POUCH DINNER #3                                                                                                 KIELBASA

Ingredients:                                                                                                                At home: bring a pot of water to boil, add kielbasa. Turn

meat or precooked chicken                                                                                                 off heat. When cool, pour off water and remove

potatoes, sliced                                                                                                                                 kielbasa.

carrots, sliced                                                                                                                        At camp: place chunks of kielbasa in double layer of foil, add

onions, sliced                                                                                                                                    sliced water chestnuts and green beans.

corn, peas or veggies of choice                                                                                          Seal dinner and cook over hot coals 10 - 15 min. Turn once.


Wrap in double layer of foil with meat on the bottom.

Cook ~ 15 min. Turn every 5 min.

NOTE: This can be made without meat, just add butter on top                            CORN BEEF HASH            

            of veggies for moisture.                                                                                Ingredients per person:

                                                                                                                                    1/3 can corned beef              1 T. finely chopped onion

                                                                                                                                    1 serving instant mashed potatoes        

                                                                                                                                    veggies, chopped fine:

HAWAIIAN DELIGHT                                                                                                    quick (~10 min.):              long (~30 min.):
Ingredients:                                                                                                                     peas                                              carrots

slices or chunks of pineapple                      ham slice                                                             green beans                                 turnips

sliced sweet potato                           sliced carrots                                                      corn                                                leeks

brown sugar                                       water                                                                    mushrooms


Place ham surrounded by veggies on foil.                                                             Prepare mashed potatoes per directions.

Mix water with brown sugar, drizzle over ham.                                                       Add corned beef and veggies. Return to heat.

Seal dinner. Cook 20 min. on hot coals. Turn once.                                                         Mix well. Cook until veggies are done.

                                                                                                                                    Season to taste with salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce.

                                                                                                                                    NOTE: Can use canned or dehydrated veggies. Just

                                                                                                                                                rehydrate dehydrated veggies before using.



corn on the cob                salt and pepper       butter


Strip husks down to end of the ear, remove silk.

Soak in salted water ~ 30  min. (Not necessary on a grill.)

Drain and rinse.

Brush ears with butter or do after cooking. (Less chance of fire.)

Pull husks up around ears and twist ends together tightly.

Roast on edge of fire for 30 min., rotating every 5 min.

Or lay on hot coals and cook 8 min. per side.

If cooking on a grill turn once. It takes about 15 - 20 min.




DUTCH OVEN COOKING                                                                                       DUTCH OVEN BREAKFAST


DUTCH OVEN NINE MILE STEW                                                                          2 dozen eggs, beat with water            1 loaf of bread

Ingredients:                                                                                                                2 lbs. Italian sausage                        2 lbs. mozzarella cheese

1 lb. stew meat in 1” chunks 1 pkg. stew seasoning                                                         green pepper, diced             onion, diced

3 onions, cut up                     1 lb. carrots, sliced                                                    mushrooms, sliced                shortening                 

6 potatoes, sliced ~ 1/8” thick         3 - 4 stalks celery, sliced                             

2 green peppers, sliced                   1 zucchini, sliced                                                       Grease a #14 Dutch Oven and lid.

1 lb. sausage                         1 lb. cheddar cheese                                                            Place bread in bottom of oven.

                                                                                                                                    Pour beaten eggs over bread. (Beating with water increases

Sear meat in ~ 1 T. oil.                                                                                                                     their fluffiness.)

Add seasoning and onions. Cook ~ 20 - 30 minutes.                                                      Brown sausage and add to egg/ bread mixture. (They can

            (12 coals on bottom, 6 coals on top.)                                                                                 be browned the night before.)

Layer from bottom to top: potatoes, carrots, celery,                                                         Slice cheese over top and add peppers, onions, mushrooms.

            green pepper, and zucchini.                                                                                    Cover and cook for 45 minutes. (Coals under oven and ~ 18

Cook until vegetables are tender crisp. (7 -  8 coals on top.)                                                      on top of lid.)             

Add sausage and cook ~ 15 min. more.

Add cheese, heat until melted.


Add or delete veggies to your taste.                                                                                   DUTCH OVEN PIZZA

Layer veggies so those with the longest cooking times are                                            Ingredients:

            on the bottom.                                                                                                            1 ½ lb. ground beef, browned

                                                                                                                                    1 pkg. pizza mix with sauce

                                                                                                                                    ½ lb. grated mozzarella

                                                                                                                                    whatever toppings are desired

BBQ PORK CHOPS                                                                                               

Ingredients:                                                                                                                Prepare dough and divide into 8 parts. Make into 8 crusts.

6 pork chops              1 T. oil                                                                                                 (They’ll fit into 2 Dutch Ovens.)

¾ c. catsup                8 oz. cola                                                                                Put on beef, cheese and toppings. Cover with sauce.

Brown chops in oil. Add catsup and cola.                                                              Bake ~ 25 - 30 min. with a small amount of coals under the

Simmer ~ 1 ¼ - 1 ½ hrs. until done.                                                                                                oven and a large amount on top.




BREAKFAST PIZZA                                                                                                                                                           


biscuit dough                         ham, sausage or bacon, precooked

eggs                           cheese


Stretch dough over bottom of Dutch Oven. It should be thin.

Pour thin layer of scrambled eggs over dough, add meat & cheese.

Cook ~ 10 - 15 min.

DUTCH OVEN COBBLER                                                                                      APPLE BETTY

Ingredients:                                                                                                                Ingredients:

1 pkg. white cake mix                       1 pkg. yellow cake mix                                                         16 oz. can of applesauce                ½ c. sugar

1 can apple pie filling                        6 oz. crushed pineapple                                           1 - 2 t. cinnamon                                corn flakes

6 oz. pineapple rings in juice           brown sugar                                                               butter

butter                                      cinnamon

Mix together applesauce, sugar and cinnamon.

Line a Dutch Oven with foil. Grease with butter.                                                    Layer as follows:

Pour white cake mix into oven.                                                                                            ¼” applesauce mixture

Sprinkle with a handful of brown sugar. Pour in can of                                         ¼” crushed corn flakes (any unsugared cereal will do)

            crushed pineapple and spread evenly.                                                                               Continue until applesauce is gone.

Pour in can of apple or cherry pie filling. (Leave in the center.)                           Heat it through. Add dots of butter on top before heating

            Sprinkle with ¼” box of yellow cake mix.

Take sliced pineapple and arrange on top. Pour ~ 2/3 of the juice

in. Fill each pineapple hole with brown sugar. Sprinkle

with cinnamon.                                                                                               LAZY MAN COBBLER

Dump in rest of cake mix and spread evenly. Sprinkle cinnamon                                   Ingredients:

            on top.                                                                                                                        1 can pie filling, any variety             oleo

Put lid on Dutch Oven. Place oven on 10 coals, in or near fire.                           1 pkg. cake mix

Place 12 coals on top. Make sure it isn’t near hot logs.

Cook about 15 minutes and turn oven ½ way around. Cook                                           Line Dutch Oven with foil and preheat.

another 15 min. and check. If the top is golden brown                                          Add pie filling. Dump in cake mix. Add 2 - 3 t. oleo.

with apples or cherries just starting to ooze through,                                            Bake ~ 45 min.

it’s done.                                                                                                        Variations: apple with spice cake, cherry with chocolate

                        cake, peach with yellow cake, etc.



Ingredients:                                                                                                                BLACK FOREST COBBLER

¾ c. sugar                              2 eggs                                                                                    Ingredients:

½ c. Bisquick                         1 can pumpkin                                                           1 can cherry pie filling                       1 box chocolate cake mix

2 T. oleo                                 2 ½ t. pumpkin pie spice                                         

1 t. vanilla                               1 can evaporated milk                                                          Mix cake per box instructions.

                                                                                                                                    Put pie filling in foil lined Dutch Oven.

Beat all ingredients together until smooth.                                                             Dump in cake batter.

Pour into greased pie plate.                                                                                                Bake 30 - 40 min.

Cook in Dutch Oven ~ 50 - 60 min. Until knife inserted                                        Note: for extra zing use 7 - Up as liquid for cake batter.

comes out clean.





MEAT LOAF                                                                                                              ENCHILADA CASSEROLE

Ingredients: Mix together and bake 1 -1 ½ hrs in Dutch Oven.                            Ingredients:

1 ½ lb. ground beef               ¾ c. quick cooking oats                                                       2 lbs. ground beef                 1 can tomato soup

1 egg                                      ¼ t. dry mustard                                                         1 onion, chopped                  2 cans enchilada sauce

1 pkg. onion soup mix                      ¾ t. salt (opt.)                                                             1 t. salt                                                1 can water (10 oz.)

                                                                                                                                    ½ lb. grated cheese              1 pkg. corn tortillas


                                                                                                                                    Brown beef and onion with salt.

MOUNTAIN MAN BREAKFAST                                                                             Add soup, sauce and water. Simmer until heated through.

Ingredients:                                                                                                                Place 3 - 4 tortillas on bottom of Dutch Oven. Add meat

½ lb. bacon, chopped                       2 lb. bag of frozen hash browns                                           and cheese. Repeat to make 3 - 4 layers.

     or precooked sausage    ½ lb. grated cheddar cheese                                               Cook covered 30 - 40 min.

1 onion, chopped                  1 dozen eggs

1 small jar salsa (opt.)


Cook bacon and onion. Stir in hash browns and cover.                                      

            Cook ~ 15 - 20 min., stirring occasionally.                                                

Scramble eggs and pour in. Cover and cook until eggs                                                 

            start to set ~ 10 - 15 min.

Add cheese, cook until eggs are set and cheese melted.

Slice like quiche.







1 lb. sausage                         2 T. oil

1 onion, chopped                  12 eggs

1 bell pepper, chopped                    1 jar salsa

6 pita pockets


Brown sausage and drain except for 2 T. oil.

Saute’ onions and peppers.

Add beaten eggs and cook until set.

Spoon into pita pockets, top with salsa.

Note: You can do the sausage at home and freeze in a Ziplock bag.






GREENSTICK COOKING                                                                                       DOUGHBOYS


CHICKEN ON A SPIT                                                                                                          2 c. biscuit mix                                   ½ c. cold water

Ingredients for 8 - 10:                                                                                                            oleo, jam, honey, powdered sugar or cinnamon & sugar

3 - 5 whole chickens             1 oz.butter                  oil                                           

mix together:                                                                                                              Mix water and biscuit mix together until dough is sticky.

salt and pepper                     paprika                                                                       Make roll ~ ½” thick and 4” long.

thyme                                      rosemary                                                                    Wrap around a greenstick and cook over small fire. Turn

grated orange peel                                                                                                               slowly. Takes ~ 10 min. to toast.

                                                                                                                                    Serve with butter, honey, jam, powdered sugar or cinnamon Use part of the spice mixture to coat inside of the chickens.                                                   & sugar.

            Make a marinade with oil and the remainder of the

            spice mixture.                                                                                                            Variation:

Put the butter in the chickens.                                                                                  Mix 1 t. cinnamon and 2 T. sugar into dough.

Tie the legs and wings with kitchen string.                                                             Note: You can also bake stiff cookie dough this way, e.g.

Roast 40 - 60 min. on green branches, rotate frequently.                                                 peanutbutter or sugar.

Brush with marinade frequently.     



                                                                                                                                    DOGS IN A BLANKET

STEAK ON A STICK                                                                                                            Ingredients:

Ingredients:                                                                                                                hot dogs                    

veggies, cut into chunks:                                                                                          1 can biscuit dough, frozen

potatoes                     carrots                                                                                   

onions                         celery                                                                                      Roll out dough to ~ 3/8” thickness. Wrap around hot dog.

beef, cut in cubes                                                                                                      Cook on stick over campfire.

Marinade: Mix together until you like the flavor.

3 parts Teriyake sauce                                 water                                                               Can also use Bisquick, leftover pancakes, crescent rolls.

1 part Worcestershire sauce                       ~ ½ c. sugar

2 parts Soy sauce

enough cornstarch to make it marinade consistency.


Marinate the meat for ~ 1 hr.

Build a fire and let it die down to a bed of coals.

Brown the meat in a frying pan, then place on a skewer

            alternating with veggies and cook over coals.







DESSERTS                                                                                                              BANANA BOATS


APPLE DELIGHTS                                                                                                  banana                                   chocolate chips or bar

apple              cinnamon                   marshmallows                                                           marshmallows                       aluminum foil


Core the apple a little over halfway.                                                                                    Cut a V shaped wedge out of an unpeeled banana.

Fill with cinnamon and marshmallows.                                                                   Fill with marshmallows and chocolate pieces.

Replace top or leave off.                                                                                          Wrap in foil and cook in coals 8 - 10 min.

Cook on forked stick until marshmallows melt.




CAKE                                                                                                                         Instant chocolate pudding                Oreo cookies

Ingredients:                                                                                                                milk                                                     Gummy Bear worms

orange                        cake mix (mix per directions)

                                                                                                                                    Make pudding per directions. (Can mix in a large Ziplock.)

Cut off top 1/3 of orange and scoop out pulp.                                                                    Crush Oreos, put on top of pudding.

Fill halfway with batter. Replace top.                                                                                   Stick a worm in each portion of mud.

Sit on coals to cook.

Check box, it needs to bake same amount of time as cupcakes.

Note: You can also cook eggs this way. Gingerbread is great!

                                                                                                                                    MONKEY BREAD


                                                                                                                                    oleo/Crisco    1 can biscuits for each 6 girls

                                                                                                                                    honey              ¼ c. melted oleo for each can of biscuits

PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE                                                                                brown sugar   cinnamon and sugar

¼ c. butter                  1 egg                                                                                      Grease pan (springform, angel food, pie pan - metal is best).

½ c. brown sugar       1 pkg. yellow cake mix                                                                     Cut each biscuit in quarters and roll in cinnamon and sugar.

1 can pineapple rings                                                                                                                       Place in pan.

                                                                                                                                    Drizzle honey over top.

Put butter and brown sugar in warm Dutch Oven. Stir to mix.                              Sprinkle with brown sugar.

Place pineapple slices in Dutch Oven.                                                                               Drizzle melted oleo on top.

Mix cake per directions and pour batter over pineapples.                                               Bake at 350 for 35 min.

Put lid on oven. Places coals on lid and under oven.                                            NOTE: In a grog oven each charcoal briquette is = 35

When done, remove lid for ~ 10 min. Turn out onto plate.                                                            degrees. So 10 = 350 degrees.






FAST FARE                                                                                                              STIR FRY


PIZZA                                                                                                                         meat (one or several), diced                       

Ingredients:                                                                                                                veggies, chopped:

pita bread      pizza sauce                                                                                        broccoli                      bamboo shoots

cheese                       toppings: salami, mushrooms, etc.                                                 corn                 onions

                                                                                                                                    mushrooms    chestnuts, etc.

Don’t overfill pita pocket. Cook until cheese melts.                                                          Soy sauce      1 T. oil

Can be cooked a variety of ways:                                                                           rice (cook separately)

            In a grog oven, fried or grilled or in a foil pouch.                           

                                                                                                                                    Cook in a wok over hot fire until meat is done and

                                                                                                                                                veggies are tender crisp.

                                                                                                                                    Toss with Soy sauce and rice and serve.

PIZZA NOODLES                                                                                        


quick cooking noodles                     dry pizza sauce mix

pepperoni                              mozzarella                                                                  TACOS


Cook noodles.                                                                                                                       ground beef, fried and drained                       taco shells, fried

Toss ingredients together.                                                                                       dice:                                                                                       

Note: If you mix in a plastic bag - clean-up is easier.                                                        tomatoes        onions (or cook with beef)

            Melted cheese on a pot is a sticky mess.                                                  peppers          lettuce, shredded


                                                                                                                                    homemade shells:

                                                                                                                                    cornmeal           salt               water  

TUNA NOODLES WITH MUSHROOM SAUCE                                                   Mix together until dough is soft and pliable.

Ingredients:                                                                                                                Roll into balls and flatten into 6” circles.                       

5 oz. noodles             4 c. water                                                                               Fry and hang over spit in cup shape to dry.

2 t. butter                    6 ½ oz. can of tuna, drained                                                 Fill when cooled.

1 pkg. Knorr mushroom sauce mix

1 ¼ c. water

2/3 c. dry milk

                                    SWISS POTATO

Boil 4 c. water with butter. Stir in noodles and cook 7 – 8 min.                           Ingredients:

In a small saucepan cook the sauce, stir well. Cook until thick.                           8 slices bacon, cut into 1” pieces            1 onion, diced

Add tuna to sauce. Drain noodles and add to sauce.                                                       4 potatoes, cooked and grated


                                                                                                                                    Cook bacon until done, don’t drain.

                                                                                                                                    Add onion, cook until tender.

                                                                                                                                    Add potatoes, cook until crisp.



SWEET AND SOUR SPAM                                                                                                MINI PIZZAS

Ingredients:                                                                                                                Ingredients:

5 oz. noodles             4 c. water                                                                               bread, trim off crust               pizza sauce

2 t. butter                    12 oz. can of Spam, sliced or diced                                               meat                                       cheese - mozzarella

Sauce:                                                                                                                                    butter

1 c. water                   4 T. freeze dried pineapple

4 T. tomato paste      2 t. sugar                                                                                Butter frying pans. Put bread in pans covering bottoms

4 T. sweet relish                                                                                                                    and sides.

                                                                                                                                    Add sauce, meat and cheese.

Bring 4 c. water to boil.                                                                                             Cook until cheese is bubbly.

Add noodles and butter and cook 7 - 8 min.

Fry Spam and set aside.

Into frying pan pour 1 c. water.

Add pineapple chunks and sugar.                                                                          CAMPFIRE SANDWICH

When pineapple is soft add tomato and relish.                                                                 Ingredients:

Add Spam to sauce when tomato and relish is warm.                                                     4 oz. chipped beef (or your favorite)  slice of cheese

Mix with noodles.                                                                                                       Hamburger bun


                                                                                                                                    Assemble sandwich, wrap in foil and place on coals.

                                                                                                                                    Cook 5 min. per side.

                                                                                                                                    Add relish, mustard, onions, etc. as desired.



At home mix together in a baggie:

1 ½ c. flour                 ½ t. salt                                                                                  

1 t. sugar                    2 ½ t. baking powder                                                                        GORP

At camp combine:                                                                                                     Ingredients:

2 eggs                                    2 c. corn                                                                                 2 lbs. M&M’s                          1 lb. raisins or dried fruit

½ c. milk                                                                                                                     ½ lb. chocolate chips                        2 c. cereal (Cheerios, Kix, etc.)

                                                                                                                                    1 lb. sunflower seeds                        1 lb. peanuts

Mix both sets of ingredients together until flour is moist.                                      ½ lb. pumpkin seeds

Drop into deep hot fat (375 degrees). Fry until golden brown

            on each side. Drain.                                                                                     Mix in a large bag.

Serve plain or with powdered sugar, cinnamon and sugar or syrup.                              Substitute as desired, just keep proteins and sugars balanced.








BREAKFAST IN A HURRY                                                                                      BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES                                                           

Ingredients:                                                                                                                Ingredients:

3 cold boiled or baked potatoes                 ~ 5 T. oleo                                                      At home mix together and store in a Ziplock baggie:

1 c. ham chunks (or Spam)              4 eggs, beaten                                                          2 c. buckwheat flour              2 T. powdered egg

salt and pepper                                                                                                         4 T. powdered milk               4 t. baking powder

                                                                                                                                    ½ t. salt

Heat pan over fire and melt oleo.                                                                            At camp add:

Slice potatoes and brown with ham.                                                                                   1 t. oil and ¾ c. water to 1 c. of mix. Stir well.

Add eggs and cook until done, stirring gently.                                                                   Fry until browned, turning once.





2 c. oatmeal               3 c. boiling water

1 c. dehydrated fruit, chopped


Combine all ingredients in a wide mouth thermos and close

            after stirring well.

When fixed at bedtime will be ready for breakfast.























VAGABOND STOVE COOKING                                                                            GRILLED CHEESE

NOTE: All cooking is done on aluminum foil.                                                                     Ingredients:

                                                                                                                                    2 slices of bread       cheese

ROBINSON CRUSOE BREAKFAST                                                                                 oleo                             bacon, ham (opt.)


1 slice of bread                                 1 egg                                                                          Spread oleo on bread and place on stove top. (Oleo         

oleo                                                                                                                                         side down.)

                                                                                                                                    Add cheese (and meat) and top slice of bread. (Oleo

Spread oleo on foil.                                                                                                              side up.)

Tear hole in center of bread and place on stove.                                                  Cook until brown on bottom. Turn once and cook             

Place egg in hole and season to taste.                                                                                          Until 2nd side is brown.

Cook until egg is done. Turn once.                                    






tortillas                                    cream cheese

cinnamon and sugar


Heat tortilla on stove top.

Spread with cream cheese and cinnamon and sugar.

Roll up and enjoy!






3 eggs                                    1 T. sugar

½ c. milk                     4 slices of bread

toppings of choice: cinnamon and sugar, honey, jam, butter, syrup


Mix eggs, milk and sugar together.

Dip bread in mixture and place on greased, preheated stove top.

Turn once to brown on both sides.










Note: Anything cooked at home can be done in a box oven.

1 charcoal briquette = 35 degrees of heat. Your oven may be

            a little hotter or cooler, take the closest number, e.g.,

            You need a 400 degree oven, 11 coals = 385, 12 coals

            = 420. Use 11 coals and cook a bit longer.




2 lbs. hamburger                   grated cheese

6 tortillas                                 2 cans enchilada sauce

1 can tomato sauce              1 onion, minced


Brown hamburger and onions, add sauces and simmer 30 min.

Make 2 layers of tortillas, meat and cheese.

Bake at 350 for 45 min.


























TRAIL COOKING                                                                                                      CHICKEN FLAVORED RICE


LEMON DILL RICE                                                                                                   4 c. uncooked long grain rice                        1 t. salt

Ingredients:                                                                                                                4 T. chicken bouillon                         ¼ t. pepper

4 c. uncooked long grain rice                      4 t. dill seed                                                   2 t. parsley flakes

8 t. chicken bouillon                          2 t. salt

5 t. dried lemon peel, grated                                                                                                Combine all ingredients well and divide into thirds.

                                                                                                                                    Store in ziplock bags. Each bag = ~ 1 1/3 c. rice mix.

Combine all ingredients well and divide into thirds.                                                          To cook:

Store in ziplock bags. Each bag = ~ 1 ½ c. rice mix.                                                                    Combine ~ 1 1/3 c. rice mix, 2 c. water and 1 T. oleo,

To cook:                                                                                                                                 bring to a boil. Cover and simmer ~ 15 - 20

Combine ~ 1 ½ c rice mix, 2 c. water and 1 T. oleo, bring                                                           min. until all liquid is absorbed.

            to a boil. Cover and simmer 15 - 25 min. until all

            liquid is absorbed.


                                                                                                                                    VEGETARIAN RICE


CORN CHOWDER                                                                                                   4 c. long grain rice                            2 t. salt

Ingredients:                                                                                                                3 T. vegetable bouillon                                 4 t. celery flakes

½ c. dehydrated corn                                    1 t. celery flakes                                            4 t. green pepper flakes                        4 t. onion flakes

½ c. freeze dried potatoes               ½ t. salt                                                           4 t. red pepper flakes                                  

     or potato cut in small pieces       1/8 t. paprika

2 T. corn meal                                                pepper                                                                        Combine all ingredients well and divide into thirds.

2 T. whole wheat flour                                   1 T. oleo                                                         Store in ziplock bags. Each bag = ~ 1 1/2c. rice mix.

2 T. powdered milk                           1 t. parsley flakes                                          To cook:

6 ½ oz. can of chicken or                 1 t. onion flakes                                             Combine ~ 1 ½ c. rice mix, 2 c. water and 1 T. oleo,

     turkey, drained (opt.)                                                                                                        bring to a boil. Cover and simmer ~ 15 - 20                                                                                                                                                                       min. until all liquid is absorbed.

Combine all dry ingredients and store in a ziplock bag.

To cook:

Combine dry ingredients and 4 ¼ c. water, bring to a boil.

            Cover and simmer ~ 10 - 15 min. Add meat and heat                                         ONION FLAVORED RICE

            through.                                                                                                          Ingredients:

                                                                                                                                    4 c. uncooked long grain rice                        1 t. salt

                                                                                                                                    2 pkg. onion soup mix                                  1 T. parsley flakes


ALPINE SPAGHETTI                                                                                                           Combine all ingredients well and divide into thirds.

Ingredients:                                                                                                                Store in ziplock bags. Each bag = ~ 1 1/3 c. rice mix.

8 oz. spaghetti                          1 T. olive oil     1 T. parsley                                                            To cook:

1 c. parmesan cheese             3 t. basil           1 garlic clove, minced                               Combine ~ 1 1/3 c. rice mix, 2 c. water and 1 T. oleo,

Bring water to a boil. Cook spaghetti 10 min., drain.                                                                    Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer ~ 15 - 25

Combine with the rest of the ingredients.                                                                           min. until all liquid is absorbed.

COOKING HINTS                                                                                                      BACKPACKING HINTS


Pack charcoal in a paper egg carton, tie shut. Light the carton.                          Use any dehydrated box meals. Just repackage in ziplock

                                                                                                                                                bags. If milk is needed, use powdered ( remember

FIRE STARTERS:                                                                                                                to include water to rehydrate the milk). Oleo

Make candle kisses (bits of candle wrapped in wax paper,                                                        travels well or use butter buds.

twist ends).

Place charcoal briquette in paper egg carton, cover                                                        The instant cereals are good for breakfasts, snacks or as

with paraffin. Tear off as needed.                                                                            a hamburger “extender”.

Place dryer lint or sawdust in paper egg carton, cover

with paraffin. Tear off as needed.                                                                Ramen travels well.

Newspaper “logs” ~ 3” long, rolled and tied with string

and dipped in paraffin.                                                                                             Cheese travels well and can be added to about anything -   

Tie a string around a pinecone and dip in paraffin.                                                                       soups, pasta, rice.

Note: Paraffin can be bought or use leftover candle

pieces, crayons.                                                                                            Pasta of any variety travels well. There are a variety of

                                                                                                                                                dehydrated sauces that can be used.


Cut both ends out of a 3 lb. coffee can. Punch holes around                                           Instant potatoes cook fast and are filling.

the bottom edge (with a v - shaped can opener).

Crumple newspapers or use twigs and a firestarter in

the chimney.                          

Add charcoal. Light through one of the holes.

When coals are glowing, remove chimney. Use pliers or oven

            mitts – IT’S HOT!

A good quick start method, especially if it’s windy.


Melted paraffin applied inside and out will seal a leaky cooler.

Pre cooling your cooler will help ice last longer.

Use frozen foods as “ice”.


Liquid soap rubbed on the outside of your pots makes

clean - up easier.


Backpackers tomato sauce: make into a “leather” in a

dehydrator ~ 6 hrs. @ 140 degrees.


Write cooking instructions/ recipe on the ziplock bag.





COOKING METHODS                                                                                             VAGABOND STOVE

                                                                                                                                    1.   Need a 3 lb. coffee can or cafeteria size veggie can.

BOX OVENS                                                                                                             2.   Cut a 3” by 3” door. Leave the flap on for wind control.

TYPE I:                                                                                                                       3.   Using a v - shaped can opener, punch 3 - 5 holes on

1.      Cut flaps off one side / end of the box. Line inside and out                                                    the top edge on the opposite side from the door.

with 3 layers of foil, shiny side out.                                                                                                                                                             

2.      Use 12 oz. soda cans filled ½ way with dirt to support

the cake pan.

3.   Build a ground fire under the cake pan.                                                                       BUDDY BURNER (Fuel source for the vagabond stove)

(Be sure this is allowed.)                                                                              1.   Use a tuna can or cat food can (a large tuna can

4.      Put box over cake pan and fire. Prop up one edge ~ ½” so                                                  works best).

the fire can breathe.                                                                                      2.   Cut cardboard strips the height of the can. Roll into a

                                                                                                                                                coil and put into the can. It needs to be snug.

TYPE II:                                                                                                                       3.   Fill with melted paraffin.

1.      Cut one end of the box on 3 sides (this creates a flap door).                                    Note: you can use sawdust with a candle wick instead of

Cover inside and out with 3 layers of foil, shiny side out.                                     a cardboard coil.

2.      Charcoal is placed in an aluminum pan on the oven floor.                                         To extinguish the buddy burner, turn the stove upside

3.      Use bricks or soda cans filled with dirt to support the cake pan.                                          down, (cooking surface on top of the buddy

4.      Leave the door open ~ ½” for ventilation or use an awl to                                                      burner) and hold until the fire smothers

punch holes on the top on the opposite side from the door.                                            (from lack of oxygen). Takes about 3 - 5 min.

                                                                                                                                                if you don’t peek. (When you peek it allows

TYPE III:                                                                                                                                  oxygen back to the fire and it re - ignites.)

1.      Box with a removable lid (computer paper size is ideal).

Line the box and lid with 3 layers of foil, inside and out,

(foil should be shiny side out).                                                                                 DUTCH OVEN

            For added insulation you can cover individual pieces of                          Remember to use coals on top (~15 - 20) and underneath

cardboard with foil. Use one piece for each wall so you                                      (~8 - 12).

have a double wall.                          

2.      With ice pick or awl, poke holes around the bottom.

3.      Charcoal is placed in an aluminum pan on the floor.

4.      Use soda cans filled with dirt or bricks to support the cake pan.